"Be free to play
Make no apologies for being yourself
Perfect in every way"
Muriel, Sidereal Hymn (Angelica).

About Muriel

“I Love what I do” shares Muriel, “but over time I've learnt that what I'm up to is not about me. It's about giving a voice to the Presence within. My music flows from this intention.” In essence Muriel’s songs are “born of a prayer”, created to heal, uplift and inspire people. Her audiences are nourished by her music, which they invariably respond to with great depth of emotion, joy and celebration.


“I’ve always loved music, but it wasn’t until my early teens that I realized that above all else I loved to sing. I remember rehearsing a song in the school hall with 3 other girls, completely relishing the sound of our harmonies reverberating off the walls, back at us. I felt I live for those moments! But I also discovered the joy of the solo voice when onstage during a school musical. Time seemed to stand still and I was suspended in an elated state whilst I sang. All I knew when it was over was that I wanted to experience more of that!”

Over the following years Muriel’s interest in mysticism grew, and she pursued a University degree in Philosophy and Political Science to explore her sense of there being ‘something more’ to life. Quite unconsciously, music completely disappeared from her life and did not find expression again until she began meditating regularly whilst living in a small spiritual community. “When I closed my eyes to meditate I could see guitar chords, and when I played them a whole song just came out. I also awoke one morning with a clear and unusual question in my mind: ‘How would I treat myself if I thought I was Sacred?’ which developed into my trademark song, Sacred.” It seemed the more she listened within, the more music came out.

Life carried Muriel to the places and people she needed to share her music with a larger audience. She moved to Glastonbury, England, where she met musician Tim Wheater who connected her with Neale Donald Walsch, author of the 'Conversations with God' bestselling book series. Neale invited Muriel to tour the U.K and Ireland with him in 2007, bringing her music to audiences at a national level.  That same year she made her professional recording debut, releasing her album 'ANGELICA' under her own label Fortuna Music. Muriel’s songs were also featured on a compilation album by New World Music.

“I always get such a strong response to my song ‘Sacred’, but personally I delight in ‘Sidereal Hymn’. So many of my songs point to Love as being the answer to all of our questions about who were are, what we want and how to make our lives better, but Sidereal Hymn really captures our gentleness, our sweetness and really appeals to that side of me. I think somewhere along the line as children most of us start to hide parts of ourselves and fluff other parts up in order to make ourselves more acceptable to others, to be more 'lovable'. But who doesn’t just want to be free to be themselves, even if who that turns out to be is someone really vulnerable but beautiful like a flower?”

After releasing ANGELICA, Muriel completed a further tour of the UK and Germany with Neale Donald Walsch. She sang at the premier of the film 'The Cosmic Ordering Service' (based upon the book by Baerbel Mohr), at the International Angel Conference in Hamburg (featuring Doreen Virtue and Diana Cooper), for Hay House in London, with James Twyman in Glastonbury, and performed for Amma ("The Hugging Saint")'s Darshan at Alexandra Palace, London.

“I think for a lot of people it's like someone's home but the lights are off, and they're unhappy thinking 'there must be more than this'. My joy is to reach them with my music and turn the lights back on."

Muriel’s album ‘GOLDEN’ is out now.

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