"How would I treat myself if I thought I was Sacred?
How would I love myself if nothing was wrong?"
Muriel, Sacred (Angelica).





Muriel's newest release 'Golden' is a sonic
embrace that nurtures the soft sweet parts in us.
These Divine lovesongs will enchant and serenade your Soul.

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1. Be Who You Really Are
2. Opa
3. Build The New
4. The River Doesn't Mind (If You Cry)
5. I Am
6. It's Not Too Late
7. Children
8. Lament
9. Love Leads The Way
10. Song Of Solomon
11. Nothing Be Wanting


Follow this link for the Golden Lyrics.



'ANGELICA' offers songs of deep nourishment and reassurance,
reminding us of our true essence. This classic album includes
Muriel's trademark song 'Sacred'. Touch a bit of Heaven...

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1. Love Speaking Through You
2. Worthy
3. Sidereal Hymn
4. Sacred
5. Heaven
6. I Am With You
7. Love Lost
8. Call Me
9. Ancient Goddess
10. Garden Of Eden
11. Be At Peace

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Compilation albums:


New World Music's 'A Woman's Voice 2'.



Independent Campaign Release 'Tara, The Mighty Gather In'.

Early, currently unavailable, albums:

2002: Sacred (EP)
2003: Resonance - Sail Through Space
2004: Synergy