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Sandrah     09 August 2011 05:57 |
I really love your website

David Youngs     29 July 2011 12:14 | Modesto, California, USA
Muriel, it was so delightful to find your web site. God has really blessed you with an incredible voice.

David Youngs

bari     28 July 2011 19:49 | Avalon
Muriel, YOU are a Golden messenger of God, thank you!!!

Sacred Pete     25 July 2011 19:24 | Isle of Dogs
Love and peace to all that walk in the garden that is our planet. Your beautiful music connects with man beast fish and fowl you are an angel
Blessings to all

Leastra Charles     24 July 2011 19:02 | London
Each morning as I wake up and say the things I have gratitude for, I listen to your Angelica album and it inspires me to have a joyful and blissful day. Each night as I close my eyes and thank the universe for another beautiful day, I fall asleep to your inspirational words. Thank you Muriel. :)

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