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Janine Stadtmann Butler     23 July 2011 21:08 | Altendorf Switzerland
Thank you Muriel for your words in your blog. I'm sure that we can only get a glimpse of what it meant for you the creation of "Golden"! Thank you for doing it and for your inspiration. Am looking forward to hearing your words @ my home soon! Love and laughter to you

Tine Landy     22 July 2011 11:53 |
‎"Be who you really are, be who you really are, be who you are in heart....", thanks Muriel, we are having a bath time party here :) xx

Janine S. Butler     17 July 2011 10:12 | Altendorf Switzerland
Wow! great your new album is arriving!!!! Will look out for ordering it! Have a loving, sharing and peaceful launch on the 19th. Am with you all in thoughts!!! Namaste

Evelien     14 June 2011 18:50 | Netherlands
Today I was thinking: what is it actually that I have to give to this world... My husband answered: YOURSELF. JUST AS YOU ARE. A few hours later I am on your website, not having heard you sing before, and your music moves right through me carrying the message: YOU ARE SACRED.
Bless you and thank you, Muriel, for your gift of You.

Janine S. Butler     27 February 2011 08:40 | Aargau Switzerland
Hello again Muriel, hope all is going as you wish with your new album and the harp. I am looking so much forward to hearing and sharing it! I wish you all you wish for you and joyful anticipation we share! From my heart Janine

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