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Wilfried Laabs     20 May 2009 06:47 | Kiel, Germany
Dearest Muriel,
I´m still overwhelmed by the presence of your radiant voice on the congress in Hamburg that continuously echoes in my heart. Thank you so much for the touching words which you gave me on my way. May your beautiful soul always be protected by the angels and fairies that undoubtedly surround you. Lots of love, Wilfried.

Michael Morris     23 March 2009 15:49 | Near Hamburg (Germany)
Hi Muriel,

your voice is truly angelic and you also look like a beautiful angel ;) Your songs are very inspirational and they touch you deep in the heart, giving me goosebumps every time I hear them.

Am already looking forward to your next album and wish you from the bottom of my heart much love and success.

May God bless!

Your Sincerely,

Melanie     24 February 2009 16:39 | Bavaria
dear muriel, ur voice is like an angel, i love ur music. its so so lovely.
so im sendin u from bavaria love and :) kisses and huggs.

Teja     21 February 2009 23:28 |
Muriel, you're a miracle! I've heard you for the first time today and have to say you have beautiful, very meaningful songs and a beautiful voice.

Keep on singing! World needs you! :)

Cecilia     21 February 2009 05:27 | New York
Hello Dear Heart,

Love your new website. Sent you a note via myspace... check it out.

Just played your song Sacred for a friend of mine. He loved it! Sometimes I wake up singing it!

Sending you so much Love always,


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