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Trees Bührs     23 September 2008 19:06 | Amsterdam
Lieve Muriël, ik vind jouw genre muziek mooi! Je hebt een warme stem en je legt er veel gevoel in.
Fijn voor je dat je optreedt en ik wens je hierbij veel succes met je zangcarrière. Vele groetjes Trees

Steve Harmison     19 August 2008 18:47 | UK
Lov Ya Muriel

John     15 August 2008 16:07 | UK
Great Site, Muriel You're Gorgeous Too

Pasi     03 August 2008 14:59 | Finland
Great site you have here!

Wow, how did you get this guestbook working? I've been trying to configure it and EasyCaptcha with no success. If you have time and willingness to help me out, it'd be great! Thanks!

Thelma and Louise of Glaaahstonbury     22 July 2008 16:09 | In the garden with the Devas
Ooh, get you Muriel!
This music is tops, has totally so inspired me, my life will never be the same again, I have been touched in ways I never have before, in the head, now in a padded cell, kidding!
The sounds interrupted the voices in my head that were telling me to take Muriel to the Tor and throw her to the pixies!
You go girl, great sound. You rock, Murster!

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